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     Why we do custom quotes-

    We do custom quotes because not every party is the same, nor needs the same things included in pricing. For example, we believe that a sit-down event with a plated dinner for 100 people should not be priced the same as a 100-person cocktail style event with appetizer stations. Very often we receive inquiries for events that we have never done prior. We learn as much as we can about your event and then price it according to what your needs truly are. We work with our clients and do what we can to stay within their budgets while also accomplishing their event goals.

  • Seating Capacity and Prices

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    Built out from what was once a bank in the early 1900's, La Perla has all of the charm and character of a time long ago. With one of a kind wood moldings and accents that are simply not replicated any more, it makes us a very unique space situated in the heart of beautiful downtown St. Louis in the historic Old Post Office Plaza. With decades of experience we are here to help you realize your dream wedding and assist you throughout the entire process to make planning and executing as streamlined and seamless as possible. Schedule an appointment to come by and see all of this for yourself. From the original hand carved wood pocket doors you pass through entering the venue, to the original bank vault turned lounge on the lower level, your event is guaranteed to be unique and exciting!

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